Mobile phones are changing our lives in so many ways, and our health and fitness is no exception.

So many people are turning to apps to work on their fitness, using virtual personal trainers to guide them through exercise plans to improve fitness levels.

But with hundreds of apps available to help different aspects of our health, it can be difficult to know which apps are the most helpful.

So Future London has taken a look at some of the top-rated workout apps on the Apple App Store, so you can decide which might be best for you.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

This app does what it says on the tin. Sign up for a commitment to work out for 30 days and the team behind the app says you will watch your body transform.

The app eases you in slowly with shorter, slightly less intense exercises and encourages you to build up intensity each time.

You need to pay and subscribe to take the challenge, which unlocks hundreds of exercises with accompanying videos and allows you to track your progress.

GetFit: Home Workout and Fitness

For those of us who suffer from dreaded ‘gym anxiety’, this app is the perfect solution. It is designed to make sure you can complete all its workouts within the comfort of your own home.

The app gives you custom workouts based on your fitness levels, gender, weight and age. According to the team behind the app, all exercises can be completed without any equipment.

You can also track your progress on the app by logging photos of ‘before and after’.

Workout for Women

This app acknowledges that women are busy people – so it makes its workouts short and effective so you can fit them into your schedule.

In fact, most workouts take just seven minutes out of your day – and don’t require any fitness equipment.

If you’re downloading from the Apple App Store, you also connect Workout for Women to your Apple Health app to keep an eye on your progress.

Better me: Weight Loss Workouts

Working out doesn’t necessarily have to be about losing weight, with so many other physical and mental health benefits to keeping fit. But for those who do want to shed a few pounds, this app could be the right app for you.

The app starts by quizzing you about your body and what you want to achieve from your workouts. Once you have completed the questions, the app will tailor a workout and meal plan for you.

You can sign up for a free 7-day trial on the app before you need to pay to subscribe to the service.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

This app offers a range of 12 high intensity (HIIT) exercises, with 30 second sets and 10 second rests. It claims to give a full-body workout with its free exercises and is guided by a voice.

Although there is a free tier to the app, you can pay to unlock a workout log and create custom workouts for yourself, while getting access to a larger library of exercises.

Yoga Wave

Although cardio and weight training is key to improving fitness levels, the importance of lower intensity exercise should not be ignored. So why not incorporate some yoga into your fitness regime?

This app offers short yoga workouts designed by experts to improve your strength, flexibility and mental well-being.

You need to subscribe to get access to the yoga courses provided in the app, which are tailored to focus on different parts of the body.